Email Marketing Streamlined.

Unlimited Lists & Segments

1. Create unlimited number of lists
2. Move subscribers into segments
3. Import your contact list (must be double opt-in)
4. Allow single opt-in or double opt-in
5. Personalize verification email
6. Export/backup lists in CSV format

Landing Page Creator

  • 1. Unlimited hosted landing pages
  • 2. Pre-made templates & layouts
  • 3. Image hosting and media library
  • 4. Insert SEO meta tags
  • 5. Insert images & videos
  • 6. Insert analytics code
  • 7. Insert custom HTML codes
  • 8. Short URL and tracking

Send And Schedule Emails

  • 1. Schedule unlimited follow up emails
  • 2. Send email broadcast at anytime
  • 3. Demographically target your subscribers
  • 4. Pre-made email templates and layouts
  • 5. Spam check and suggestion tools
  • 6. Save previous broadcasts
  • 7. Transfer and pre-load message

Tracking And Reporting

  • 1. Easy to understand interface
  • 2. Inbuilt email tracking
  • 3. Track email opens
  • 4. Track email clicks
  • 5. Track conversions
  • 6. Monthly subscriber growth
  • 7. Monthly email opens and clicks
  • 8. Download reports

Import Contact Lists (List Cleaning Service Included)

We can import your contact email list to your Liststream platform if your list qualifies as a legitimate opt-in list. Our list cleaning service is free for you to use when you upload your lists. We can remove undeliverable emails, validation checks, MX lookup, and remove spam traps from your existing lists before it's uploaded.

  • 1. Your list should be currently active on another platform
  • 2. Must be an active mailing
  • 3. Must be "double-opt-in" and verified list
  • To upload a list, please call us a speak with our support team

Phone: 1(845) 383 1007 Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM EST

Email Deliverability Measures

Liststream.NET is owned and operated by Multiple Stream Media. We have been in hosting and managing servers, especially for email marketing since 1999.

Below are the steps we take to gain and maintain top level reputation:

  • Reputation: Tests done on all IP reputation prior to allocation. (We follow authentication methods all major ISP's require.)
  • Hosting: IP addresses are static to build and maintain reputation, and mail transfer agents are on non-virtual machines.
  • Sending Volume: Unique pool of IP's allocated for every 50K emails sent per week. Email sending speed at a balanced pace.
  • DNS: A pool of domains and sub-domains are used and on rotation to keep the domain reputation impeccable.
  • Authentication: Proper authentication done according to ESP requirements; SPF, DKIM, Domain Keys, Sender ID...etc
  • Mailing Lists: We are extremely cautious about the type of mailing lists hosted on Liststream. Double opt-in lists are verified manually before they are exported to our platform.
  • Bounce & ESP Feedback Handling: Bounced emails are verified and inactive email addresses are taken off the sending list. Feedback loop is setup with all major ISP's (Yahoo!, Gmail & Hotmail) and are handled automatically.
  • Unsubscribe Handling: Unsubscribes are automated and subscribers can instantly remove their emails from a list if they want to.
  • Email Content: Spam checkers and suggestions are provided to make sure that the content is not spammy

Create landing pages, build your email contact lists, upload current opt-in lists, send emails and track everything.

Starts Your e-Mail Marketing Campaigns Today

  • Create hosted lead capture pages
  • Import existing email lists
  • Add web forms to collect leads
  • Schedule email automation series
  • Send unlimited broadcasts
  • Track everything

Start Today For Just $1

*Try the full version for just $1 for 30 days. $9.99/mo for 1000 subscribers. Pay only $5.99 per 1000 subscribers after.

ListStream.NET is a service by Multiple Stream Media