ListStream Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liststream an autoresponder service?

Liststream has everything that you will need to manage your company's email list subscribers, including autoresponders, landing page creators, email templates, and detailed tracking.

How is Liststream's deliverability rate?

Email Deliverability, is one of, if not the most important area that we focus on with our service. We have industry experts in the field of email processing working around the clock to ensure maximum deliverability of your emails.

Below are the steps we take to gain and maintain top level reputation:

Reputation: Tests done on all IP reputation prior to allocation. (We follow authentication methods all major ISP's require.)

Hosting: IP addresses are static to build and maintain reputation, and mail transfer agents are on non-virtual machines.

Sending Volume: Unique pool of IP's allocated for every 50K emails sent per week. Email sendign speed at a balanced pace.

DNS: A pool of domains and sub-domains are used and on rotation to keep the domain reputation and impeccable.

Authentication: Proper authentication done according to ESP requirements. SPF, DKIM, DOmainKeys, SenderID...etc

Mailing Lists: WE are extremely cautious about the type of mailing lists hosted on Liststream. Double optin lists are verifies manually before they are exported to our platform.

Bounce & ESP Feedback Handling: Bounced emails are verified and inactive email addresses are taken off the sending list. Feedback loop is setup with all major ISP's (Yahoo!, Gmail & Hotmail) and are handled automatically.

Unsubscribe Handling: Unsubscribers are automated and subscribers can instantly remove their emails from a list if they want to.

Email Content: Spam checkers and suggestions are provided to make sure that the content is not spammy

Can I import leads from another service?

Yes, but with sufficient proof that your list is an active and 'double opt-in' list hosted on another platform. Please call us at 1(845) 383 1007 if you need help with uploading your current list.

How long are your contracts?

There are no contracts when you signup for the Liststream service. You are billed month to month, and you may cancel your subscription at any time you wish.

How competitive is Liststream's pricing?

We offer a cutting edge service that is second to none, for up to 50% lower charges than other similar services. As a matter of fact, pricing without compromising quality is the main attraction factor for all of our clients.

Is your platform easy to use for new users?

User Simplicity was our main goal when we designed the platform. Everything is laid out to save you time when managing your email campaigns with Liststream.

Are the landing pages hosted by Liststream?

Your can host as many Landing Pages as you wish. When you create Landing Pages, they are instantly hosted for you. You can also use our web form on your own domain.

What happens to my list if I plan to cancel?

Your lists can be downloaded anytime you wish. Data backup is done everyday to ensure maximum safety.

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