Dear member,

This is a horrible day. This is a horrible thing to have to say: Liststream is closing. The email broadcasts, and follow up service will no longer go out as of August 20th, 2016. You can email us at to have us send you the download file for your lists and subscribers.

Automatic refunds and cancellation of future subscriptions will start immediately.

Unfortunately, Liststream has not attracted a large enough customer base to sustain itself and based on dealing with email server companies and our best estimates, it seems unlikely that it ever would.

For many of us at Liststream, the creation of something like Liststream was a long-held dream. There's no better word than "heartbreaking" to describe what it feels like to have to do this. And we know that for many of you who supported our efforts, it will be heartbreaking as well. We are sorry to have to let you down.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.

To Download your Emails and Subscribers, please email me at with your full username and we will send you your complete download file.


Abe Cherian
Multiple Stream Media